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'Thanks for the work you have done so far on the web site - it looks lovely!...I am really pleased with all your hard work... I though, am so excited about our website, that I can't stop looking at it!! ...I love our website and can't thank you enough for your efficient service. It is so lovely dealing with someone who responds to your questions and queries quickly, and in a proactive and positive way... That was quick! Thanks for all your work and input regarding our website. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who mentions websites! You are a star! Thanks a million, Christina'

'A refreshing change to pay a reasonable sum of money, get exactly what you want quickly and without unnnecessary fuss. Exactly as it should be ! Thankyou' (JR Building)

'The site looks really good...We really like the look of the site and the images...Thanks again for all your hard work' (Helen)

'I'm very happy that I chose TWL for my website and thrilled with the finished product. All emails were always replied to extremely quickly and I could always get hold of someone on the phone. I really can't praise them highly enough. My website was completed and live within 2 weeks from start to finish!' (Christina)

'Thank you for all your help, excellent as usual - we have been recommending you to all the students who are coming on the extension training courses. Many thanks, Matt'

'I already am feeling much more confident contacting people now that I have an uptodate, professional looking website. What a relief to work with people who not only do the work when you ask but have a bit of initiative, thanks for starting the work so quickly and for your ideas. The site map and all the additions you have made are great. I have been impressed with speed and quality of work, replies to email etc. I went with TWL because you emailed me at the right time with the offer, I was looking for this service at a good price and you appeared to offer that. So in my mind that was taking a bit of a risk which I wouldn't normally do. Thankfully though it has worked out well, I would recommend you definitely.' (Multicultural)

'Thanks so much for sending the site through - fast work thank you! Many thanks for all your hard work. I love the site - it really is great and the people I've showed it to think it's a big step up from the last one and are really impressed, so thank you very very much' (Karen)

Very prompt and professional service. I would recommend to others. There is nothing I can fault.

Thank you. The website is producing very good results. Bookings well up on this time last year- so much so I'll be adding more associate cars (Lagonda)

Thank you so much for 2010. I am still really happy with the website and am keen to continue working with you for the forseeable future (Julia Luce)

'Anne was helpful from the outset, she explained everything, answered all my questions and incorporated all I asked her to. She has done everything I asked, given me all the information I need and very quickly. I am very pleased. Thank you' (Oak & Furrows)

'Very pleased with the site and its positioning. I forgot to say thank you as I love the site. Very concise and clear and I really appreciate the work you have done.' (Alison)

'Thanks Stacey - it's so great having you around. I've given your name to quite a few people' (Skin Detox)

'I look forward to another year of hassle free website hosting from yourselves, thanks for the great job you do for me' (Julia)

'What you have done looks great... Thanks so much, sorry its a lot of work, but I am really pleased with it...Thanks again, I can't believe how quickly its all happening!'

'I have never attempted to set up a website before. TWL media did everything they could to make it a quick and efficient service. I am absolutely delighted with the result. Stacey, You have done an absolutely brilliant job' (Mungo)

'That is so quick! The site looks great, thank you. I have been so impressed with your communication and service... Given the service you have provided, I am so glad we have decided to use you to build a site for Helen... We get so fed up as a business getting empty promises where advertising and marketing are concerned, so your service has made such a refreshing change. I am so pleased with the look of the site and what you have done. Many thanks, Matt'

'I will certainly pass on my reccommendation to anyone thinking of doing a website. Thank you again for all your help, I know we paid you to do it, but you did make it very painless, I thought it was going to be much more complicated. It's such a lovely site now, everyone is going to be so impressed. ' (Louise)

'Delighted with the way it's gone and your speed of response. Looking good. It's amazing how far we have come in so short a time. You will be pleased to hear that Steve who responded on the site only hours after it went live, saw the car this afternoon and booked it ! Quick ! So quick, I can't keep up ! Well done you' (Lagonda Hire)

'Looks great! Really pleased with the site and service. Made it really easy even for someone like me who does not understand how to create a website! Impressed with how quickly it was produced and how quickly my e-mails were answered. Will definately recommend and carry on using services. Many Thanks' (Julia Luce Wedding Photography and Cakes)

'Speed of response has been not far short of instantaneous. The ammount of work done for the price has been very reasonable and I am delighted with my new website. I am sure it will pull in the customers and I shall certainly recommend TWL's services. It's amazing how far we have come in so short a time. Tim Wadsworth'

'Am most impressed with the logo and the layout - thank you for the thought you are putting into this'

'I liked the prompt replies, the fact that I could ask any question and receive a reply in plain english that I could understand. Many thanks to TWL Media.' (Back to Centre)

'Hi Stacey, I have just looked at my website. It looks great! thankyou, no problems at all. it is exactly as I wanted it. I can not believe how quickly you made the changes. Thankyou again. Julia'

'Having had several failed attempts at setting up a website I can recommend The Works Local wholeheartedly. Communication has been excellent, instructions have been clear and concise, and the final website is attractive, sharp, simple to navigate and an excellent representation of our products and service aims. As a website novice I am also grateful to know that I have a professional and friendly backup for the future.' (Pam Thomas, owner Joyce Brooks Lingerie, Cheltenham)

'Our new web site is so much better than the old one, it has a clear together-looking layout, it has a unique appearance which really shows our business style, plus it is easy for our customers to order online. Since the new site has gone live we have seen an immediate increase in the number of online orders coming through. The weddings area of the site is the biggest improvement, there is a lot of information on there and before it looked a bit messy- now it is tidy and easy to follow.' (Flowerworks)

We will get right back to you. If you would like to see some of our latest sites, please ask!